Anicka Austin is a performer & choreographer working from Atlanta, GA. She is invested in storytelling traditions and myth making as methods of inquiry. She is a 2015-18 Lucky Penny Work Room resident artist and a 2017-18 WonderRoot Hughley Fellow.
CV available upon request.
CHROMA review "In “Blue,” they gave a strength conditioned to softness, contained to a loud quiet, which is also a magnetic quality of Austin herself. It was a world that no one performing seemed eager to leave, and it suited the artists’ statement of creating an immersive experience" - MaryGrace Phillips, ArtsATL
"Anicka Austin’s “Paper Moon” depicted a contemporary Gilles or Pierrot Lunaire, as dancer Erin Anastasia sauntered onto the stage under a papier–mâché moon, gulping down pink ginger ale with gusto." - Cynthia Perry, ArtsATL
Faest (Year in Review) "Bella Dorado’s Faest featured Anicka Austin whirling in and out of the Woodruff Arts Center lawn, her body conducting an electric force it seemed she had conjured up from the ground." - Cynthia Perry, ArtsATL
A lot of the work comes together through building these exercises and improvisation and dialogue when I’m alone or with other people or with the dancers. We then work together within the parameters of the exercise to help the idea materialize, talk about it and do the exercise again with more information. Things change and develop from there." - on working with sunday morning at 7
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