Biophilia in Blue Tights is a 20-minute performance of coping methods with experimental music, meditative movement, sensual gardening and wordsmithery by Anicka Austin, Bella Dorado & C.W. Gravely.
MOTHER Bar + Kitchen 
447 Edgewood Ave. SE
June 12, 2019 @ pm
The Nylon Tights are Pink
The Nylon Tights are Pink is a 90-minute performance of coping methods. Dance, destruction and words performed and written by Bella Dorado.  Music and installation of dangerous and sensual objects by C.W. Gravely and Anicka Austin.
December 18, 2018
The Bakery Atlanta @ 825 Warner St. SW
Check out a conversation between Lev Omelchenko and I about the upcoming film, Birth of Pleasure in the latest issue of DIY Dancer!
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