artists. anicka austin + chris gravely + bella dorado 
location. bakie's kansas city
curated by. meredith kooi
photos. alan kimara dixon 
costumes. bella dorado​​​​​​​
note. The Nylon Tights are Pink is a 100 minute performance of coping methods. It is a collaborative effort, with dance, destruction and prose by Bella Dorado and music and Installation of Dangerous and Sensual Objects by Chris Gravely and me. This work is further exploration of pedestrian endurance exercises, which have become paramount to my creative process. It features endurance in pedestrian movement, like sanctuaries and fortresses and blood orange, but also endurance in eating, speaking, performing..all things we may do to excess in a given day. It intentionally recognizes audience endurance by acknowledging that they are not only sticking around for the duration of the work, but also with the sometimes mundane repetition of the work. It is a mixture of humor and crisis / the mundane and the extraordinary, which are also recurring themes in my choreographic process

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